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The Joy of Children

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

A life of service connects one with the magic, mysticism & mystery of the universe.

Sometimes I overlook the value of the simple life that some children in poverty live. Perhaps each child at Manjushree Orphanage or Ramana's Garden does not have a smart phone or access to a computer, though they share daily prayers with one another, engage in thoughtful eating practices, co-create games and art, and practice mindfulness practices such as Kundalini Yoga.

Through our upcoming programs in India serving these two orphanages, Sat Nam Foundation is celebrating the joy of the children and is focused on bringing basic necessities to the their lives (i.e. clean water, food, infrastructure, and medical care). If their structure is strong, their culture can thrive and their happiness will spread through the mountains.

I invite you to listen to Gurmukh's podcast where she shares her experience with the children of Manjushree Orphanage, whom Sat Nam Foundation is beginning to serve. She shares her experience how she learned more about happiness from these children than any other place in the world.

These children are our future. Let us serve them together.

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