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Who we are

Sat Nam Foundation was created to serve.


Sat Nam Foundation was founded by Karan Khalsa, whose passion for service comes from a deep-seated belief that sharing love and kindness is the greatest yogic practice.  Karan recruited a committed team of yogis, musicians, and volunteers who are passionate about service and who wanted to create ways to put the yoga of service into action. We strive to give selflessly to those in greatest need. We have served people and projects in India, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Syrian Refugee Camps in Greece, Nepal, Haiti, the USA, Kenya, and South Africa.  

We continually find that in serving others, we find our own lives are transformed. Service is one of the fundamental practices of a yogic lifestyle, and it is our mission to help create opportunities for yogis around the world to be able to serve.


What is Sat Nam?


"Sat" means 'True' and "Nam" means 'Name.' Sat Nam has become the greeting of yogis in an affirmation of recognizing the truth in every person.


and most importantly: YOU!

We can't do it without you

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