Who we are

Sat Nam Foundation was created to serve.


Sat Nam Foundation was founded by Karan Khalsa, whose passion for service comes from a deep-seated belief that sharing love and kindness is the greatest yogic practice.  Karan recruited a committed team of yogis, musicians, and volunteers who are passionate about service and who wanted to create ways to put the yoga of service into action. We strive to give selflessly to those in greatest need. We have served people and projects in India, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Syrian Refugee Camps in Greece, Nepal, Haiti, the USA, Kenya, and South Africa.  

We continually find that in serving others, we find our own lives are transformed. Service is one of the fundamental practices of a yogic lifestyle, and it is our mission to help create opportunities for yogis around the world to be able to serve.


What is Sat Nam?


"Sat" means 'True' and "Nam" means 'Name.' Sat Nam has become the greeting of yogis in an affirmation of recognizing the truth in every person.


Meet Our Board of directors


Karan Khalsa

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Karan leads Sat Nam Foundation with an open heart powered by service.  She is the owner and CEO of Spirit Voyage and Sat Nam Fest.  Not only does she run these various organizations, but she also leverages them to support the Sat Nam Foundation mission. 


GuruGanesha Singh 

Board Member

Musician, teacher, entrepreneur and business owner, GuruGanesha helps guide Sat Nam Foundation with his business savvy, creativity, charisma and endless enthusiasm.  As a yogi and sacred musician for over 40 years, his dedication to supporting the mission of Sat Nam Foundation comes from a deeply personal place.  


Gabriel Fulton 

Treasurer, Secretrary


Gabriel is a seasoned executive with diverse experience ranging from running businesses around the globe, to sitting on Boards of Directors, to developing start-ups.  He is a CEO, volunteer first-responder, and natural leader.  He uses his business and process knowledge to help keep Sat Nam Foundation's systems in compliance.


Jaime Profile_edited.jpg

Devi Japa / Jaime Platts


Studio Manager & Bookkeeper

Jaime Platts (Devi Japa Kaur) is both a professional and an adventurer. Jaime brings a balanced blend of skills, heart, and grit to Sat Nam Foundation.  While working in the corporate setting satisfied an intellectual aspect, there was always a strong pull on her heart for adventure and deeper meaning. Jaime is now committed to living her life in Truth and is passionate about sharing the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga.  


Dr. Ramdesh

Founding Member / 

Communications Director

Dr. Ramdesh was a founding board member of Sat Nam Foundation and pioneered our first projects as well as creating the Kirtan Aid series of donation albums and Seva Retreats that funded the first few years of Sat Nam Foundation's work.


Ramdesh is a yoga teacher, published author, and  marketing wizard who manages Sat Nam Foundation's communications and marketing.  


and most importantly: YOU!

We can't do it without you