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Manjushree Orphanage

Nestled in the high Himalayas of Ancient Tibet, Manjushree Orphanage was founded with an emphasis on empowering children to be self-sustainable through education.


Manjushree is a Jewel

Lama Thupten founded Manjushree Orphanage in 1998. Now there are over 300 children.

In a place where there is so much poverty and sadness, the children of Manjushree are overflowing with joy & love

The children of Manjushree are living Buddha’s teachings. These kids live for each other with love and care despite their challenges. 

With your help, we are building a kitchen able to feed 300 children daily for Manjushree.

The current kitchen was built to feed 30 children. Staff is currently living in small huts not well equipped for harsh Himilayan weather. The new kitchen will also include housing for the kitchen staff. 

Construction is currently underway...

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