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Nambale Magnet School

Located in the Western Province of Kenya, Nambale Magnet School is a residential school for vulnerable children with a commitment to self-sustainability, both financially and environmentally

Nambale Magnet School is a residential school for children orphaned or otherwise rendered vulnerable by AIDS in rural western Kenya. 430 children learn and grow at the school, with over 250 living on-site.

The school focuses on empowering children through a sustainable living model.


They grow food on the premises for and with the children. They dream to be a model eco-school with sustainable, off-grid systems that support both their own safety, security and self-sufficiency as well as the health of the planet. 


The model of the school is meant to be replicated in other parts of Africa.

With your help, we are going to bring Solar Power to Nambale Magnet School

The school's most pressing need is a self-sufficient electricity system. On average, the school needs between $400 & $500 per month to pay electricity bills and this is an unsustainable cost for the school. The service is also unreliable, and black-outs can last for days, causing major issues. Running diesel generators as back-up is the current solution but is expensive and equally unsustainable.

Sat Nam Foundation is fundraising $33,000 to install the solar and lighting system. Any extra funds raised will be used to provide energy efficient upgrades (i.e. LED lighting). 

Solar Panels Installed


Using your generous support, we were able to install 24 total solar panels to supply the Nambale Magnet School with sustainable, environmentally friendly energy.

The children now learn (by the light of their solar operated lamps) about sustainable energy and being a good steward of the planet.

In Kenya, they are hard hit by climate change, experiencing drought and other challenges.  Learning the importance of being environmentally conscious, these future leaders will make a difference in the development of Kenya for the generations to come.

We are still accepting ongoing donations for our work in Kenya to help us recoup the cost of our project.  Please continue to donate!

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