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Sat Nam Foundation serves anywhere it can.


We have responded to the call for disaster relief, children's causes, refugee rescue, the hungry, environmental protection, native people's rights, and the urgent need for clean water access.  

We have supported projects and people in India, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Haiti, USA, and South Africa.


We have raised over $100,000 for projects in India including building a new dormitory and yoga studio, funding education, and installing clean water and solar lighting for Ramana's Garden, a home and school for destitute children in Rishikesh, India.

You can see our project first hand by joining us on a Seva Retreat to India and you can support our 2018 clean water fundraiser by donating generously.


After the devastating earthquake in Bhaktapur, our team raised over $40,000 to support urgent earthquake relief and fund long-term farmland access and vocational skills training programs for disenfranchised women to create better futures for their families.

Puerto Rico

Sat Nam Foundation sent a team to install water filtration and collection systems in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma left millions without power or access to clean water long-term.  

Our team partnered with Isla Urbana and Ha Ta Tukari to reach and bring water to remote Puerto Rican villages.



The Syrian Civil War and other humanitarian crises lead to the largest migration of refugees in history, many making dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea.  Sat Nam Foundation responded by sending lifeguards to Lesvos, Greece to prevent disaster as the flimsy and overcrowded boats came to shore.  We also sent a sevadar to work with the refugees in a camp when they came to shore, helping them get warm and fed after their dangerous crossing.


Sat Nam Foundation helps indigenous Huicholes people in Mexico, many of whom live in utter poverty, to have access to clean water.  We have installed rainwater harvesting cisterns in remote villages with no other outside help.

USA - Lakota Tribe

Despite nearly-insurmountable conditions, few resources, and against unbelievable odds, Indigenous people are struggling hard to overcome decades of neglect, discrimination and forced destruction of their traditional cultures. Inspired by our work at Standing Rock, we are currently working with first nation tribes to develop healthy, sustainable and sovereign food sources on first nation reservations from farming to harvesting to store-front.

USA - Standing Rock

Sat Nam Foundation stood with the brave indigenous protestors at Standing Rock, raising funds to feed, house and support them through a cold winter.  We supported legal defense of the Water Protectors and also funded a meeting of the Elders, bringing together leaders of many native tribes for the first time.

USA - Hurricane Sandy

Sat Nam Foundation raised over $20,000 to support hurricane relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy, which devastated parts of New York and New Jersey.


After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Sat Nam Foundation raised funds to support on-the-ground medical emergency work.

South Africa

Sat Nam Foundation has supported the work of Rosie, who in her kitchen feeds hundreds of hungry children in Cape Town, South Africa every day.

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