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Located in the sacred mountains of Tepoztlan, Mexico, Tashirat is an orphanage and spiritual learning center that is dedicated to provide children with a healthy, loving home and a brighter future.

Love & Family

The children at the Tashirat orphanage are raised by permanent staff members, many of whom have been full-time, live-in volunteers for over 20 years.


Each child has a home with his or her Tashirat mom or dad. Each house has 5-10 children, and their children receive a home for life. No matter where they go in the world, they know that, just like any child, they have a family to depend on and a home to return to.

Tashirat's disabled children who cannot live without assistance know that even as they become adults, Tashirat will always be here for them, helping them to become more independent within the context of a safe and supportive environment where they can prosper and grow in their adult lives.

Tashirat strengthens their children emotionally by teaching them to communicate and to express their feelings, so that they can resolve their relationships and issues as they come up and adequately ask for help when they need it.


Tashirat asked us to help them on their path towards self-sustainability. 


In order to do this, we are locating partners (i.e. Tierra Negra - a local initiative dedicated to ecological design) and beginning to create a long term sustainability plan with Tashirat.


  1. Minimize water waste by changing from flush toilets to dry toilets

  2. Reuse grey water by creating natural filtration systems that water fruit orchards

  3. Build a robust water harvesting and filtration system

  4. Build a volunteer program that increases food productivity

  5. Switch from grid power to solar power, bike powered water pumps and blenders, etc.

Our Goal

By January of 2020,

  • We would like to switch the 3 main houses (for the children) to dry toilets.

  • Help design and implement a grey water system on one of the houses for demonstration

  • Install 3 small rainwater systems on the 3 house

  • Bring a few volunteers to activate their greenhouses


The Need

We are currently working with Tierra Negra for a quote on the dry toilets and the grey water system. In Labor and Material, we approximate $30,000.

In order to install 3 rainwater harvesting systems, we approximate $9,000.

Activation of the greenhouses could cost up to $5,000 in tools, fertilizer, seeds, labor, etc.

When we reach all of our goals, then we can help them initiate a solar system!!!

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