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The Premier Kundalini Yoga & Music Festival

Sat Nam Foundation is a non-profit with the mission to empower Kundalini yogis through service. Sat Nam Fest donates 10% of proceeds to Sat Nam Foundation, and in return, the foundation provides volunteers to help run the festival. Sat Nam Fest is held in the Joshua Tree desert, the lush Berkshires, and on the Mexican Riviera.

As a Sat Nam Foundation Volunteer, Sat Nam Fest allows us to offer discounted festival passes ($275), which includes meals and a camping space (you need your own camping gear!).

To be a Sat Nam Foundation volunteer,  we require:​

  • 20-24 hours of volunteer time over the course of the festival serving on a particular team.

Volunteer  positions are available for a variety of teams. Each one is responsible for a different area of the festival and each one is a key part to helping Sat Nam Fest run smoothly. Your efforts on the Volunteer team are greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you soon!

Outside of the work commitment hours, you are free to enjoy the festival! You are welcome to upgrade your accommodations if you would like to (at regular accommodation prices).

If you have any questions, contact


Please expect Sat Nam Foundation to respond within 1-2 weeks of your application submission. 


How to Join the Team:


Step 1: Apply Here! for Sat Nam Fest Mexico OR Apply Here! for Sat Nam Fest Berkshires

Step 2: Respond to Sat Nam Foundation’s offer and purchase your ticket (within two weeks of offer)

Step 3: Bring yourself, your smile and your positive, hardworking attitude to Sat Nam Fest!

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