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Why do you serve?

I was born in Southern California but mainly grew up in a mountainous Central Asian country called Tajikistan. I was raised in an environment of service. My dad is a doctor and when we lived in Tajikistan, he would frequently run off to tend to someone's health emergency. There was always a person in need of health care and there were not many well-trained doctors in the surrounding 1000 miles.

My dad and me

He helped our neighbors when they were in need, he worked in the prison with tuberculosis patients, and for the last few years he taught Soviet-trained doctors how to practice family medicine.

He did this without earning money. My family had supporters in the United States that gave us enough money to live, and my dad's belief in his service and in the God he served were all the wealth and motivation he needed.

That's the model I grew up with, and I can't see my life any other way. I'm not much interested in worldly wealth. My life goal is to be more myself each day. I want to nurture my compassion and serve those less fortunate than myself.

At the age of 16, I read a letter called "On Duty" written by Cicero to his son. (Cicero was a well-known Roman philosopher and statesman during the time of Julius Caesar). One phrase from his letter has always stuck with me. He said, "It is the duty of the fortunate to give generously to the less fortunate." I find this so simple and profound. 

      My dad exemplified service and Cicero gave me the language to describe my mission. Service to those in need is not separate from my identity. I am learning how to do it better and finding joyful and effective avenues to serve through, like Sat Nam Foundation.

    I hope you'll follow along and support my journey and the journey of this growing foundation.

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