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Tashirat during covid_19

Times are hard at Tashirat Orphanage in Mexico with Covid_19.

Tashirat has had to cut back on staffing, and their remaining staff is on double duty, while the older children are pitching in to help grow the vegetables they all need to support their healthy, nutritious meal program.

In times like this, we are all reminded of the importance of farming and of growing our own foods when we can. We remember how important seed banks are, and how critical it is to teach the next generation something they can't learn on a IPAD -- how to grow their own meals.

Let us be inspired, take action, create energy, water and food independence, and come together in communities all over the world to help each other through.

One human family.

We're with you, Tashirat. Sending you all our love.

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