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Helping Ramana's Garden Achieve Energy Independence

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Hotels are springing up in Rishikesh in an attempt to capitalize on tourism. Many of these modern hotels are equipped with A/C units for every room. The influx of high-energy consuming machines is putting stress on the energy grid. As a result, receiving electricity from the grid is becoming less reliable.

Ramana's Garden Children's Home has been experiencing a dramatic change on their campus. Sometimes, the children are without power for 7 hours straight during school hours. Imagine a school with 300 kids, no lights, food spoiling in the refrigerators and no fans during the heat of the day. This situation does not seem like a creative or safe place to be.

Sat Nam Foundation is partnering with a group of Tesla technicians from Mumbai to install solar panels and upgrade the preexisting solar system. Currently, Ramana's Garden is able to provide roughly 40% of it's electricity from solar power. Our goal is to help them get 100% off grid and provide a stable source of energy.

On November 15th, the technicians will meet with representatives of the foundation to receive the equipment and begin the installation. If you would like to support this effort, you can give here:

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This is a community effort! Thank you for supporting this project.

Sat Nam.

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