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Service in Action

Service in action is a tribute to creation in itself. It includes the ability to move aside from the ego and act for the benefit of the other. This age-old practice has brought enlightenment to many saints on earth. In scripture and in story, they left us this path as an option to discover our eternal truth and exist in peace.

Cultures exist that receive strangers with open arms and full plates of food because there is a chance that the strangers may be God in human form. I argue that we all embody God; therefore, by serving one another, we are serving God. To put this philosophy in action requires great patience and humility. Though if your goal is to serve our creator and the creation, then why not start now?

In order to serve, one does not necessarily need to save the world. Service can be simple, such as a hug gifted in the right moment, a door opened for an elderly person, or open ear to support a friend in need. The common denominator is an unconditional action meant to help where is needed. Typically, when one serves, one also receives. This is the nature of action and reaction.

Sat Nam Foundation strives to bring yogis together in a collaborative effort to serve. While serving, we create deep bonds with one another and the communities we support. In August, a team of volunteers will serve together to co-create Sat Nam Fest. We will set up the festival to create an ambience of peace, and during the festival we will support with the children’s camp, the food and water, the recycling and trash, the wellbeing of the presenters, the media operations, and the process of registering and welcoming participants.

Eco-Green Team

We are actively recruiting volunteers that wish to join us for Sat Nam Fest. In exchange for your service, you will receive a discounted festival pass. If you are interested, please fill out an application:

By serving together, we create a brighter world! Please join Sat Nam Foundation and take action in service.

Please email: for more information, or visit our website:

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