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11 Year dreams in Nambale

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

We recently received these incredible photos from the Nambale Magnet School showing how much they have achieved for the education and care of AIDS orphans in Kenya in just 11 short years.

11 years ago....there was an empty field and a lot of dreams.

Ten years ago, the Cornerstone Project (our partners at Nambale) began to build a school.

Last year, with your support, Sat Nam Foundation stepped in to provide solar panels and help the school become energy independent.

Today it’s a busy place with sustainability goals aided by the school farm, sewing center, bee keeping, adult education and much more. 430 children learn and grow at the school, with over 250 living on-site. The Nambale Magnet School exists to help its community empower itself. Just look at what extraordinary things have been built in a decade!

We are so inspired! What will we manifest in the next decade together? Let's make it happen!

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