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KRI Level One



with Dr. Haridass, PhD

May 13 – 25, 2020 and July 23 – August 2, 2020

Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Transform Your Life as You Transform the Lives You Touch

Join Dr. Haridass and a team of master teachers to become a KRI-Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor  

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Becoming a teacher is an opportunity to serve others by becoming a guide to their personal growth and transformation.  You will discover your true self through this process. 

You will experience your personal Sat Nam!



Module 1: May 14 – 25 (May 13 6:00 pm check in)

Module 2:  July 23 – August 2

Optional Attendance at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires: August 3-9 (Details below)


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The Curriculum

This is a 220-hour course caught in 2 separate immersion modules.  The space between the modules gives you time to digest your learning, build your personal practice, and complete the homework.

Our comprehensive curriculum  covers both the knowledge needed to teach Kundalini Yoga as well as the practical application of teaching.  The content includes the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga philosophy, teaching methodologies, anatomy and physiology, meditation, personal practice, the ten bodies, and the chakras.  

In the Level One Aquarian Teacher training, you will gain a deep understanding of the science of Kundalini Yoga. You will develop the skills to instruct Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations. You will practice teaching Kundalini Yoga, participate in early morning sadhana.

You will also need to sign up for a day of White Tantric Yoga



A Message from Dr. Haridass

Join us for a magical journey exploring the inner landscape of your mind as we carve out space for your soul.

Being with your soul is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Being with you, your mind, your soul, your body, and creating the space and the language to simultaneously listen and to observe.

Join us for this dynamic experience where you journey inward to your mind while journeying outward experiencing meditations and postures. Moving the body with your breath, gentle movement, and mental focus creates a complex system of micro-movements that engage the endocrine system to produce hormonal secretions that will alter your body’s chemistry producing a new matrix of reality. Combined with your powerful mind’s projections and sustained by your increased vitality in your neural network, you have a great chance of living the life you have always dreamt of.

Come with me. Let’s go! We are about to take FLIGHT.

Sat Nam,

Dr. Haridass Kaur, Ph.D

Become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Within you is a seed—the call of the soul—answer it.


Deliver yourself to your highest destiny—become a Teacher—and serve the Aquarian Age with consciousness, love and grace. Apply your character and your commitment to the cultivation of peace and harmony all around the globe.

Your journey begins here… take this first step in the Kundalini Research Institute’s The Aquarian Teacher. This dynamic three-tiered program is the most unique and experiential yoga certification program available anywhere!

Whether you wish to deepen your personal practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® or long to become a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Foundations: Immersion is your starting point.




sat nam fest

August 3 - 9:

Sat Nam Fest Berkshires & Graduation

Participants in our Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course are being granted a special free pass to Sat Nam Fest Berkshires in exchange for 2 hours per day of seva (or service) helping with meal service.

We will honor the graduates of our training program at Sat Nam Fest Berkshires.


Seva is an important aspect of Kundalini Yoga and Dr. Haridass is so grateful to be able to incorporate this in to our program.


Attendance at Sat Nam Fest is completely optional.  One of the great benefits of having this opportunity is that you will be able to get all 20 of your required Kundalini Yoga classes if you choose to attend a full schedule of classes at the festival.


Note: Meals and accommodations at Sat Nam Fest are not included and will have to be paid for separately.



Nestled in the scenic White Mountains of New Hampshire, our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility houses two pristine yoga studios, five healing arts treatment rooms and a teaching/demonstration kitchen.



By Car:


If you are close enough to drive, navigate to

Balance Bethlehem - 2087 Main St, Bethlehem, NH 03574

By Air:

Boston Logan International (BOS) - This is the closest international airport:

From BOS to Balance Bethlehem:

By Car: 2.5 to 3-hour drive

By Bus: Concord Coach Lines provides bus service from Boston Logan airport to both Littleton and Franconia, neighboring towns of Bethlehem. We will coordinate picking you up from either location if you take the bus.

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) - This airport is a bit closer to Bethlehem, but may not have as many flight options:

By Car: 2-hour drive

By Bus: Concord Coach Lines provides service from downtown Manchester to Littleton. You would need to take a taxi from the airport to the bus station.

Please feel free to call to discuss your travel plans. We are here to help!


There are multiple options for your stay in Bethlehem. We will book a few AirBnB properties if you prefer to share space with other people in the training. These are in walking distance from the studio. You can choose a private room or a shared room in one of these properties. You can register for those rooms when you register for the training.


Alternatively, you can book your own AirBnB. Note our address to consider walking and driving distances.


Hotels & Inns:

The Mulburn Inn($$$): - this is about a 5-10 minute walk from the studio.

The Arlington Hotel($$$$$): - this is about a 5-10 minute walk from the studio.


About a 10-minute drive from Bethlehem are the towns of Littleton and Franconia which have many lovely inns and hotels if you would like to explore a little further out from the training.


We will be providing a simple yogic breakfast and lunch each day during the training as well as all the homemade Yogi Tea you can drink.

Breakfast will be oatmeal with fruit and yoghurt.

Lunch will be lentils and rice (kitcheree).

For dinner, you can explore local restaurants or are welcome to use our beautiful kitchen at Balance Bethlehem. This will always be available to you if you have any special dietary needs that are not met by the food we provide.

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Immerse Your Self within the Self

How do we decide to change our lives?

What is it that calls us here to this experience?

Where does that longing to be authentic, to experience the Self come from?

It is the call of soul and the answer can be found here—within you.


“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” – Yogi Bhajan