Active projects

By the Grace of God, we are provided with the tools and strength to serve where is needed most.

 Below are our active projects. We encourage you to join us!



Manjushree Vidyapith School and Orphanage was founded in 1998 by a Buddhist monk, Lama Thupten Phutsok in the high Himalayas. His vision is to:

  • Provide a home and loving family for orphans, physically disabled or desuetude children of the Tawang District

  • Provide modern education and sound moral values

  • To inspire young people to act with a good heart, to become leaders in their communities, and to help bring peace to the world. .


Tashirat is an Orphanage and a Spiritual Learning Center based in Tepoztlan, Mexico. Since 2003 they have been providing children with a healthy, loving home life and a brighter future. From the beginning, they have always welcomed the most vulnerable children, many of whom—because of age, disability, or behavioral issues—stood little or no chance of finding a home until arriving in Tashirat.



The Nambale Magnet School is a residential school for vulnerable children often orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in the Nambale District of the Western Province of Kenya. The school will eventually feature a conventional Kenyan primary educational curriculum along with an artisan program to provide education and training in specified career paths including agriculture and light industry.

Join us in planting seeds for the future!