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Let there be light in kenya!

The staff at the Nambale School in Kenya, a critically needed school for children left vulnerable by the AIDS epidemic, are over the moon at your generous gift of solar panels.

Originally the panel installation was due to be finished by end of year, but they had some delays in getting all the panels up because they are experiencing torrential downpours. When we heard about the rain delays, we asked if this was common in Kenya.

We were humbled by the answer:

Climate change has been particularly felt in East Africa and, as usual, the members on the margins of society feel it more acutely than their more privileged counterparts. Currently East Africa has gone from drought conditions to torrential rains, which are now are wiping out crops due to erosion.

The Nambale team told us that the benefits of them going off the grid and becoming electrically independent are more meaningful than ever: these panels are helping them save critical monthly funds, get more consistent power for the children to study and live by, and also give their science and technology teachers a hands-on, real world way to teach the children about environment science and how to be good stewards of the Earth. These vulnerable children need to understand the very real implications of climate change in Kenya and East Africa as a whole.

Here's the Nambale team coming together to install the panels and wiring the entire school into the solar generation system.

And here is a photos of the area of Kenya where Nambale is located, so you can get a flavor for the lives of the children and staff.

The children came back to the Nambale school in Kenya for the new term....with solar lights installed!

They can now study and learn and laugh together with reliable, environmentally responsible lighting with the flip of a switch!

So many of us take electricity for granted. We're used to switches on the wall bringing us the light we need. Getting stable lighting doesn't usually take more than changing a light bulb or paying a power bill.

But for these children, vulnerable AIDS orphans from a disadvantaged region of Kenya, who have never had reliable power supply, who have struggled to study and read at night and had rolling black outs during classes, the miracle of a light switch is quite amazing indeed!

We hear they have been dreaming of this for YEARS, and your donations made it happen.

You've also given the teachers and staff a way to talk about solar power and responsible electrical sources in an area hit already by increased rains and flooding from climate change.

Now that you've helped Nambale, let's take a pledge to see how we can reduce our electrical dependence here! Let's start by changing out your light bulbs to ones that are more environmentally friendly, remember to turn out the lights when you leave a room, and consider installing solar power in our own homes where possible.

(Post some tips for us all in the comments below!)

As yogis, we must be known for our service to all, including Mother Earth.

Thank you for helping us bring the children of Nambale more light!

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