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2.1 Billion People

lack safe drinking water at home.

WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) Report 2017

844 Million People

lack basic drinking water.

WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) Report 2017

31% of Schools

lack access to adequate water.

UNICEF, Advancing WASH in Schools Monitoring, 2015

(See Page 9 in the PDF)

21% of communicable diseases

in India are linked to unclean water.

World Bank Estimate 2017


Orphans in India

about ramana's garden

Ramana’s Garden is a children’s home and school on the banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh, India that offers free education to over 200 students who are below the poverty line and houses over 70 students that don't have families. Ramana's Garden is firmly dedicated to abolishing the caste system and offers sanctuary to children regardless of religion, caste or creed.


Clean water is difficult to access in India. Right now, Ramana’s Garden receives an inconsistent supply of water from the government. When it is available, it is neither clean nor potable. The government-supplied water is prone to cause illnesses and is not drinkable. 


The children of Ramana's Garden need permanent, sustainable access to clean, potable water.   

Give a gift of love

Make a tax-deductible donation to Sat Nam Foundation's project at Ramana's Garden Children' Home. 100% of your donations go directly to this project.


Together, we will help launch them towards water and energy autonomy. By being off-grid, their systems of water, lighting, refrigeration, fans, and safety cameras will be reliable. As a result, safety and health will be improved. 


Your donation matters. Thank you!


Donations are tax deductible. 

Registered Charity Number: 45-5350832

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