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Registered Charity Number : 45-5350832

©2018 Sat Nam Foundation

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Sat Nam Foundation was built on the foundation of Seva.

Seva is Selfless Service.

It is our mission to empower yogis to serve.


kundalini yoga

teacher training

with Dr. Haridass, PhD

Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Module 1:   May 13 - May 25

Module 2: July 23 - August 2


Transform your life as you transform the lives you touch. Becoming a teacher is an opportunity to serve others by becoming a guide to their personal growth and transformation.  You will discover your true self through this process.  You will experience your personal Sat Nam!

Every registration for this amazing Teacher Training program will support Sat Nam Foundation.  Your transformation will help us continue to do good work in the world!

Latest news

Located in the sacred mountains of Tepoztlan, Mexico, Tashirat is an orphanage whose children have been rejected by the traditional adoption system due to disability or deformity. Tashirat is dedicated to providing children with a healthy, loving home and a brighter future. Children practice yoga daily together, eat a plant-based diet, attend Monetessori school, speak English and Spanish, and play in the heart of nature!

invest in a brighter future!