Seva Retreat:  Yoga & Service in Rishikesh

November 17-24, 2018


Join us for a week of strengthening your personal Kundalini Yoga practice while engaging in the life-changing magic of the yoga of service at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home on the banks of the Ganga.  Our retreat will be held in the birthplace of yoga, one of the most beautiful areas of India.  Mornings will be filled with Kundalini Yoga, where we will practice in the yoga hall built by Sat Nam Foundation with the generous support of people like you. Afternoons will be spent interacting with the children of Ramana’s Garden, engaging in service projects around their campus, chanting mantra on the Ganga and dipping in her sweet water.

Our retreat will include time to explore the local town, immerse yourself in the culture of India, and soak up ancient traditions. Rishikesh, the city of enlightenment, is one of the most incredible towns in India; we will be staying on the beautiful Ramana’s Garden campus close to the heart of the action

Ramana’s Garden is a children’s home and school on the banks of the Ganga that runs an organic cafe to support their financial needs.  Our meals will be delicious, healthy, full of organic veggies from their garden and served by the children who learn how to run a business by helping out at the cafe.  We will be especially blessed to stay in the dormitory built by Sat Nam Foundation (some may stay at a local hotel) in order to maximize our interaction with these special children.

Clean water is difficult to access in India. Right now, Ramana’s Garden is relying on receiving water from the government, which is filthy. They filter the water, though their current system is challenging and inefficient. They also rainwater harvest during the 2 months of monsoons, though their storage system is small and can be greatly expanded. This fundraising retreat will help us create permanent, sustainable access to clean water. We are currently working with the staff at Ramana’s to find the best solution to guarantee the children will always have access to potable water.

Currently, the campus at Ramana’s Garden is dark at night. We wish to improve the safety of the campus for the children as they grow in age and in number. We are going to buy and install solar lighting that will improve the safety for the children on the campus. Your fundraising will make this possible.

To join our retreat, we ask that you help us raise the funds to install the water and lighting systems that the children at Ramana’s Garden need. To participate, we ask that you raise or donate $3000. If you choose to crowdfund/fundraise, we will support you through webinar, skype, and email. Your donation will provide:
  • Your meals (2 per day) and lodging at Ramana’s Garden
  • The materials to install solar lighting and clean water systems
  • Training for Ramana’s Garden staff in the use and care of solar lighting and clean water systems
  • Logistics for running the program
100% of the funds raised will go towards supporting this program.  Don’t miss this opportunity to experience yoga and service in the foothills of the Himalayas while making a difference in the lives of children in need.
Contact us for more information or for help with registration email:

This video was created at Ramana’s Garden during one of our Seva Retreats.

“I had never been to India before attending the Seva retreat at Ramana’s Garden with Satnam Foundation, so it was with equal parts anxiety and excitement that I signed up with two months to go! Best decision of my life! Ramana’s Garden is one of the most beautiful, welcoming, inspiring places I have ever been. Nestled in the hills of Rishikesh, a stone’s throw from Mata Ganga, Ramana’s Children’s Home looks as though it has grown out of the mountain itself with its stunning organic veg gardens, play spaces and classrooms for children and cozy, welcoming cafe built amongst the rocks and trees of the hillside. Walking around Ramana’s, I quickly became familiar with the friendly and outgoing children who lived there, always quick with a smile and a hello. Waking up every morning for sadhana in the brand new yoga studio with the other retreatees and retreat leaders was nothing short of transformational as were the yoga classes I attended throughout the week. It is a very rare occurrence  and great privilege to have shared space with teachers like Ramdesh in such a small, intimate group! What will I remember most fondly about my time at Ramana’s? It’s a toss up between creating the mural we painted with the children, watching the children play with Lego – (a novelty for them!) attending their Satsang in the evenings or the food at the cafe! I could go on! I will forever be grateful to Ramdesh and her team for organising a truly life changing experience. Thank you Sat Nam Foundation!”  – Sarah Stollery

“I signed up for the seva  trip to Ramana’s Garden with my daughter, knowing it would be great, but not realizing it would be transformative. Prabha’s vision for this idyllic safe haven for children is magical. The children essentially live off the grid, eating from their own organic garden and farm.  I was surprised to find out that they grow their own wheat, and mill their own flour for bread.  The sense of family permeates Ramana’s, illuminating the children’s faces.  We engaged the children in art projects while we were there.  We created a mural with the children, helped with costumes for a play, and had an art/fun day(with Lego building, painting, and origami). My daughter and I can’t wait to go back.  We are committed lifers.” -Toby Schermerhorn

Our retreats are profound experiences that bring you into the heart of service. 

Open your heart, give back, and have an experience that will last a lifetime! 



Dr. Ramdesh

Dr. Ramdesh

Dr. Ramdesh has been involved with Ramana’s Garden for over a decade.  She first began to teach yoga to the children while living in Rishikesh and teaching Kundalini Yoga in a local ashram.  Since that time, she has written extensively on the topic of Kundalini Yoga, including with the book “The Body Temple”, and has led several Seva Retreats for the Sat Nam Foundation, where she serves on the Board of Directors.

Michael Jaidev

Michael Jaidev

Michael Jaidev is the Director of Sat Nam Foundation, and has served on the ground in many key projects, including the Refugee Rescue Lifeguard Project in Greece and the Community Water Project in Puerto Rico.  In developing programs for Sat Nam Foundation, he is collaborating with the directors of Isla Urbana, Plenitud PR, Ha Ta Tukari, Friendly Water for the World, and Sistema Bio. He is currently developing of the yoga/wilderness education program for teens, ‘Wild Awakening,’ and running the water and solar projects for Ramana’s Garden.