Our Seva Retreat 2016 to Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home had such an incredible time!  We were blessed to stay in the dormitory built by our Kirtan Aid funds and that we worked to move rocks for during our first Seva Retreat in 2014.  Each room has beautiful windows, stone walls, and a private bathroom.  The entire building is operated off the grid with solar and wind power.  There was even a yoga hall built behind it that has lovely bamboo floors and an incredibly ornate hand-made door (all volunteer work!)

Our sevadars this year were excited to paint a large mural with the children just outside the new dormitory.  Harnam Singh led us in the project (sponsored with paint by Liquitex…thank you!) and everyone, adults and kids alike, had a blast creating this beautiful piece of art.  We are thrilled they will get to  enjoy this forever!