Our goal is to raise $40,000 to initiate this project and begin installing Rainwater Harvesting systems. Every donation over $10 will be sent a copy of Kirtan Aid: Chants for Hurricane Relief. We accept donations via Paypal, Facebook Fundraiser, or check (email: michaeljaidev@satnamfoundation.org).

**Please allow 72 hours for us to process your donation and send the digital album via Email. All donations over $75 will be sent a tax deductible receipt from Sat Nam Foundation (or by request). If you have any questions or concerns, please email: michaeljaidev@satnamfoundation.org

About this Program:

Sat Nam Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit organization focused on providing opportunities for the yogi community to be of service in the world.  Sat Nam Foundation has successfully launched 7 campaigns through its Kirtan Aid albums, which are albums of yoga and world music used as a tool to fundraise.  This is our 8th album, Kirtan Aid: Chants for Hurricane Relief to fund our current campaign.

The people of Puerto Rico are lacking clean drinking water after the Hurricane. Our goal is to bring clean drinking water systems to communities that do not have access to municipal water. We are partnering with Isla Urbana to bring and install rainwater harvesting and purification systems to Puerto Rico.

Each rainwater harvesting system we will install includes a Geomembrane tank that can hold 30,000 liters of water and a high quality filtration system. Each system costs roughly $5,000 in material and can provide clean water for upwards of 100 years. One system is capable of providing a few hundred children in a school with clean drinking water everyday.

To ensure a future with access to clean water (the most vital resource on the planet) innovative water saving technologies need to be enacted on a large scale starting today. By installing these systems now, we can help prevent future water crisis on Puerto Rico.

Enrique Lomnitz (Isla Urbana) and Michael Jaidev (Sat Nam Foundation) are working together to determine the area of most need in Puerto Rico as well as areas that will benefit most from rainwater harvesting. With the help of local authorities, they will begin setting up these sustainable systems in Puerto Rico. With the help of volunteers, they will install the systems provided by Isla Urbana and train the locals to maintain and utilize the systems.

Isla Urbana is a social enterprise that is dedicated to helping underserved communities acquire clean water through harvesting rainwater. Founded by Enrique Lomnitz whose work promoting sustainable water access with Isla Urbana earned him the recognition as one of M.I.T.’s  “Innovators Under 35.” To watch Enrique speak about his inspiration, click here.

Isla Urbana designed an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable rainwater harvesting system that collects and cleans rainwater for households, schools and health centers. The system is inexpensive and easy to install. Since 2009, they have installed over 6,500 systems, harvested over 590 million liters of water, and helped over 45,500 people.

15,000 Liter Geomembrane Rainwater Harvesting System

Your donations make this project possible. Thank you!


You will receive your digital album via Email within 72 hours

1. I am the Light of My Soul by Belinda Carlisle
2. Aakhan Jor by Snatam Kaur
3. One Sacred Earth by Ashana
4. Om Asatoma by Deva Premal and Miten
5. Diamonds in the Sun by Girish
6. Nirankar by Sirgun Kaur
7. Chattr Chakkr by White Sun
8. The Sweetest Nectar by Simrit
9. I Sense Your Presence by Shimshai
10. Oshun by Sudha Bonne
11. Despierta by Mirabai Ceiba
12. We Will Rise Again by Peia
13. With You by Jai-Jagdeesh
14. World Peace from the CD Take the Light by Wah!
15. Ong So Hung by Crown Of Eternity
16. Your Water by Bachan Kaur
17. Heal Me by Nirinjan Kaur
18. As Thou Keepest Me by Sat Purkh Kaur
19. Touch the Sky by Carrie Grossman
20. Sat Narayan by AYKANNA
21. Wahe Guru by Shantala
22. Tenemos Todos by Paloma Devi
23. Keep Loving by Nimesh Nimo Patel
24. Har Har Wahe Guru by Ferenz Kallos
25. The Soul Within by GuruGanesha Band
26. Wah Yantee Kar Yantee by Amanbir Singh
27. All One Song by Brenda McMorrow
28. “Hey Ma Durga” Live from Kula Space by Donna De Lory
29. Ardas Bhaee by Sangeeta Kaur
30. Om Mani Peme Hum Remix (Chenrezig’s Jam) by Lee Mirabai Harrington



Thermometer Updates Daily!

Isla Urbana’s Geomembrane Rainwater Harvesting System

  1. Channel & Canal

    1. Water is carried through the channel made of galvanized sheet metal and then travels down the canal made of 2 “PVC pipe.
  2. Leaf Filter
    1. The first stage of treatment consists of a filter of sheets of stainless steel, which remove leaves and large solids.
  3. First Flush System
    1. In order to achieve the high quality of water, we use a separator capable of diverting the first 40 liters of water that falls in every downpour (which is the dirtiest). Our system (Tlaloque 40) has automatic drainage to facilitate its correct operation and integrates a key of diversion to avoid to harvest the first rains of the season.
  4. Geomembrane Tank
    1. Holds up to 30,000 Liters of water. It is made of resilient, pre-fabricated Geomembrane which proves to have several advantages over other types of containers. The tank can be folded, which increases the ease of transportation. The height of the container is designed so that users of average height can easily access the top in order to remove the lid easily and check the quality or level of their water. In addition, it is possible to enter inside the tank to clean it whenever necessary. With this type of cistern it is possible to keep the water clean in a hermetic way.
  5. Turbulence Reducer
    1. The turbulence reducer is installed so that the water entering does not stir the sediment deposited in the bottom. The turbulence reducer transforms the tank to function like a sedimentation tank, which helps provide additional water treatment.
  6. Filtration System
    1. The last component of the rain collection system is the filtration system. Through the filter, communities can purify the rainwater into drinking water. The filter model has flow tests, turbidity removal, bacteria removal and heavy metal leaching which ensures high quality water. Depending on the area and amenities of the building, options for filters include: Ultra Violet light, Ceramic impregnated with silver, ozone and chlorination.
  7. Maintenance Manual
    1. Each system comes with a user-friendly maintenance manual
Our deepest gratitude goes to the artists who donated their music to make this program possible.

Sat Nam!