The second annual Seva Retreat to Ramana’s Garden in Rishikesh, India is scheduled for March 7-13, 2016 and already I am excited for our adventure.  Last year’s retreat was life changing.  Each morning we woke before the rise of the sun and Ajeet Kaur and Harnam would lead us through  meditation and chanting.  Then after an ayurvedic breakfast, we would come together for the first class of the day.  I was so honored to teach by the banks of the Ganga, letting the sound of the flowing river inspire our practice and choosing Kundalini yoga kriya that connected us to the timelessness of our souls.  Lunch was at Ramana’s Garden to our delight and many of the children we would serve in the afternoon began by serving us.  Their delicious organic cafe was just the ticket for smiles and laughter and true heart connection.  In the afternoons we joined the children at school for help with writing English, or working on art projects.  Some of us would work on manual labor projects such as moving rocks to lay the foundation of the dormitory Sat Nam Foundation funded (and it was incredible to see how surprised and delighted the laborers were to see a bunch of Westerners pitching in like one of the team), or playing with the children on the playgrounds.  Free time was a chance to recharge, to go shopping, tour a local temple, or visit an ayurvedic treatment clinic.  In the evenings we came together for meditation and chanting, for a fire puja to release all that no longer served us, and to dance under the stars.  A very special weekend celebration allowed us to bring the children into our resort pool for a special picnic, many experiencing a pool for the first time, to their glee and delight!

What happens on a Seva Retreat?  Pure magic.  The chance to serve and support children who need us to have an opportunity for a better life.  The experience of yoga in the place where it was born.  The transformational practice of yoga and chanting with a group of people who will become family.

See you there!