Join the ‘Sat Nam Volunteer Team’ at Sat Nam Fest!

Sat Nam Foundation is a non-profit with the mission to empower Kundalini yogis through service. Sat Nam Fest donates 10% of proceeds to Sat Nam Foundation, and in return, the foundation provides volunteers to help run the festival.

As a Sat Nam Foundation Volunteer, Sat Nam Fest allows us to offer discounted festival passes ($275), which includes meals and a camping space (you need your own camping gear!).

To be a Sat Nam Foundation volunteer,  we require:

  • 2-4 hours (or more!) volunteering pre-festival to promote active projects for Sat Nam Foundation.
    • You can share our website ( on social media, teach a class and donate the proceeds to Sat Nam Foundation, write a blog about service projects with Sat Nam Foundation, etc. etc. The options are infinite! Be creative!
  • 20-24 hours of volunteer time over the course of the festival serving on a particular team.

In total, your commitment to volunteer is 22-26 hours. Volunteer  positions are available for a variety of teams. Each one is responsible for a different area of the festival and each one is a key part to helping Sat Nam Fest run smoothly. Your efforts on the Volunteer team are greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you soon!

Outside of the work commitment hours, you are free to enjoy the festival! You are welcome to upgrade your accommodations if you would like to (at regular accommodation prices).

If you have any questions, email

Please expect Sat Nam Foundation to respond within 1-2 weeks of your application submission. Once you have our offer you will have 2 weeks to respond and purchase your ticket. If you do not respond and purchase your ticket within 2 weeks you will need to resubmit your application.

                              How to Join the Team:


Step 1: Apply Here! for Sat Nam Fest Mexico OR Apply Here! for Sat Nam Fest Berkshires

Step 2: Respond to Sat Nam Foundation’s offer and purchase your ticket (within two weeks of offer)

Step 3: Bring yourself, your smile and your positive, hardworking attitude to Sat Nam Fest!

Set Up/Break Down

Come early to the festival and stay late. Labor intensive job – help decorate the stage, set up yoga space, put up signs, set up Spirit Voyage store, set up tents, etc. Carpentry and sewing experience appreciated! Hard work! This team will be small and fill up fast!

Responsibilities include:

  • Painting and placing signs & lights
  • Setting up tents and laying carpet
  • Creating hydrations stations – lifting water bottles
  • Assemble racks and shelves for boutique
  • Unpacking from stored boxes
  • Setting up an Eco-Green system
Sound Crew

The Sound Crew is a dynamic team of hard-working people who help create the beautiful, quality sound Sat Nam Fest is known for. This position requires previous experience working with sound equipment. Team members report to the Head Audio Engineer and Stage Manager and assist in jobs assigned. They ensure smooth set-up and breakdown for artists’ sets, including sound checks, troubleshooting microphones, DIs, cables, amplifiers and other gear on stage during musical acts and keeping track of all equipment from set to set. Requires strong technical knowledge of sound gear, equipment and live audio for events.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work with Sound Producer
  • Set up/break down stages and sound gear before and after the festival
  • Assist with smooth set-up for artists
    • troubleshooting microphones, DIs, cables, amplifiers
Grounds Team

The grounds team will help with daily operations throughout Sat Nam Fest. We are the nuts and the bolts of the festival. We take care of water, fixing tent issues, helping with recycling/trash and helping wherever our hands are needed. You may be asked to help in the main yoga hall, assist teachers and musicians, and/or run errands. This is an integral role in helping our festival run as smoothly as possible. We are looking for creative and passionate individuals that can help us make Sat Nam Fest a more environmentally sustainable and responsible event.  A flexible and helpful demeanor a must!

Responsibilities include:

  • Setting up and breaking down tents and signs
  • Carrying equipment (i.e. carpets and pop up tents)
  • Lifting 5-gallon water jugs on to their stands
  • Bringing trash and recycling to allocated areas
  • Being on radio to help if an issue arises
Medical Team

Our medical team is available 24 hours a day. Under the guidance of a team leader, you will be assigned a shift to be actively on stand by. Your number will be available at a medical tent, and in case of emergency you will be called upon. You must be a certified EMT, Nurse, Doctor, or something of the sort to be a part of this team. There will be a standing operating procedure that you are to follow during the event.

Responsibilities include:

  • Being actively on stand by during your shift
  • Follow the S.O.P.s for injury or emergency
  • Work together with the medical staff!
Stage Team

Sat Nam Fest needs a group of strong people to greet the participants, offer help to musicians, keep the space clean, and be aware of the overall energy flow.

Responsibilities include:

  • Welcoming people into the yoga halls
  • Taking a count of participants entering for each class
  • Seating people
  • Helping musicians bring gear on and off stage
  • Help move risers
  • Opening and closing the sides of the tent
  • Keep the area clean between classes
Security Team

The Security Team is responsible for the physical safety and well-being of festival participants and the camp. The primary duty of the Security Team is to staff the camp entrance and monitor the flow throughout the camp. The members of this team will also check the tents in the camping area for passes. This team’s priority is to be friendly and welcoming while also giving direction and ensuring that all participants are registered attendees. One must be self-motivated to serve as part of security!

Responsibilities include:

  • Greet people as they enter grounds
  • Direct traffic to Registration
  • Check cars and tents for parking/camping passes
Spirit Voyage Boutique

Love Spirit Voyage music, clothing, books and other products? Help in the Spirit Voyage Boutique to set up the store and help customers pick out new music, books, clothing, etc. Previous retail or sales experience preferred!

Responsibilities include:

  • Actively restock products that run out from backstock storage
  • Provide assistance and warm welcomes to customers
  • Tag and price items that need to be priced
  • Actively assure a clean and neat boutique environment (fold clothes, organize products on shelves, dust, sweep, etc)
  • Be aware of shoplifters and be sure customer know where checkout is
  • Make store managers aware of any issues in the store
Registration Team

Our registration is responsible for checking in guests using iPads when they arrive on site and organizing our housing for guest check-in. A friendly and welcoming demeanor is very important! Familiarity with computers is a must. Be prepared to serve each day of the festival on an AM or PM shift, working a few extra hours at the start of the festival when registration is busiest.

Responsibilities include:

  • Check work exchangers in and direct them to specific areas
  • Greet people when they arrive to the festival
  • Check people in for event and meal passes
  • Guide participants to sign waivers on iPad
  • Check Presenters in
  • Manage any lost and found items
  • Assist participants with any questions or concerns they may have
  • Create name tags and place name tags on each door
  • Help elderly/disabled with luggage (need-by-need basis)
Kid's Camp

Sat Nam Fest needs a group of energetic volunteers who love to be with children! Our team leaders will be prepared with activities, mediations, songs, and games to share. Be prepared with a swimming suit, as there is a nice pool that is only open for the kids camp! Our kid’s camps runs in two shifts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You will be responsible for a half day with the children.

Responsibilities include:

  • Engaging in activities created by team leader
  • Supporting the children where needed
  • Staying active and positive during your shift
  • Be Happy!
Kitchen Team

Our kitchen team is primarily in charge of serving food to participants during the meal times. We work with the kitchen staff to deliver food, serve it, and break down after the meals. If you are particularly skilled and motivated in the kitchen, you may be asked to help with preparing the food. We encourage everyone on this team serves food with a smile and a mantra in your heart! Please be prepared to work in a kitchen (i.e. wear closed toed shoes).

Responsibilities include:

  • Welcoming people to the dining hall
  • Carrying food to and from kitchen
  • Serving food during meals
  • Helping kitchen staff where they need it!

“Blessed be those who help others.  They are the ones who find heaven on earth.” Yogi Bhajan

A sevadar is a volunteer who serves uncondtionally from the heart.  There are many ways for you to get involved in the Sat Nam Foundation. Some current options are:

  • You can join ‘Sat Nam Volunteers’ at Sat Nam Fest
  • You can help us create creative strategies to raise funds for our current projects.
  • You can donate to our general funds or specific campaigns.
  • You can buy a Kirtan Aid album to support a specific cause.
  • You can attend or host an event that supports our work.
    • For example, teach a weekly yoga class where proceeds are donated to Sat Nam Foundation.
  • You can help us spread the work of Sat Nam Foundation through Social Media posting.


**If you have an idea of how you can share your specific gifts and talents, email us at

Sat Nam Foundation is using an online volunteer program (Track it Forward) in order to track volunteer hours. If you are volunteering with Sat Nam Foundation, please log your hours below! Thank you!